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 Give me some reasons to grow a beard!

10 excellent reasons to grow a beard.

Can't even believe there is need for this debate.


After approximately two years you achieve wizard status and learn your first magic spell.

Just hope it won't be Tarantallegra.


Just imagine how much more time you could invest into whatever the fuck you can think of instead of shaving.

No, not that, you dirty donkey!


If you are ugly or have acne the beard will cover your gross face.

Ewww, did I hurt your feelings? STOP CRYING YOU BEARDLESS PUSSY!


It makes you look like a freakin' badass.

Badasses don't cry. Ever.


You can hide things in it, such as weapons, tools and snacks.

Expecially snacks.


What, you need more?



Grow a beard and get bitches, money and weapons in return.

At least it worked for Dan Bilzerian like that.


The bigger your beard the more you can eat.

Quote by Abraham Lincoln in 2007, when he was asked what he thinks of Donald Trump.


Women love it.

Seriously, they do. If they tell you different, they are lying.


Men love it.

Just in case you are into it.

10 examples of awesome and possibly famous beards.

1. Ryan Gosling

Your perfect son-in-law.

2. George Clooney

There is no woman on earth who didn't desire him at some point (I have been told).

3. Goku & Vegeta

Even sayans grow beards (this is super sayan super super god super bearded sayan two super beard, just in case you were wondering).

4. Jack Sparrow

Pretty sure there are better examples for beards than him. But I personally just really like him.

5. Wolverine

A real badass luberjack-superhero.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Grew a beard, got an oscar. What a man beard.

7. Ryan Reynolds

Sexiest man alive 2012. Not saying anything, but if was gay, this would be my first choice. Oh, and also, that's freakin' Deadpool!

8. Gandalf

Level 120 wizard with the most legendary gear. Pretty much invincible.

9. Robert Downey jr.

One excentric guy and his beard.

10. Dan Bilzerian

Grow a beard, fuck bitches, make money, shoot things. Fuck bitches again.

Just do it.

 (Freakin' grow a beard!)

Bait your friends!


Generate new clickbait

Growing and grooming a beard without this stuff is impossible. The more you buy, the better for your beard more money I make.

(jokes aside, there is some cool and useful stuff though)

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

All Natural - Vegan Friendly Organic Oils and Butters.

So this is basically the holy grail among the beard grooming tools. It will not only give your a darker color and better form, but also a healthy, cocoa-wooden scent (don't worry, it's not too strong but just about pleasant).

Also, it will make your beard much softer (important when you kiss a girl! She will be surprised, how little your beard scratches). Plainly said, your beard will look, feel and smell much more professional.

Wild Willie's Mustache Wax

The Only Hard Wax with 7 Natural Organic Ingredients for All Day Hold While Treating Your Mustache at the Same Time.

If you want to give your mustache or beard a form, do not look further. This is exactly what you need. It actually will hold all day (and if necessary all night) long.

You know all the guys with in various old films with their humongous cringled mustaches? There is no fucking way they used something else than this. Honestly, if you want to roll your mustache up, this is it.

Also, they claim that every batch is made by hand weekly (in the USA). I feel like this is a pretty strong indicator for the freshness and therefore quality of this wax.

Escape Cedarwood Scent - #1 RATED Leven Rose Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner

Best Scented (and Unscented) Beard Oil 100% Pure Organic Natural for Groomed Beard Growth, Mustache, Skin for Men.

This is a world class beard conditioner, which will also help maintaining the skin underneath your beard. It helps with itching and makes your beard and skin noticeably softer.

The Oil is available fragrance free or also with a few other slight and pleasing scents (check out the cedar woods scented, that's just one amazing flavor!).

Beard Grow XL - Facial Hair Supplement

#1 Mens Hair Growth Vitamins - For Thicker and Fuller Beard.

To be completely honest with you, I personally didn't try this one. But I am actually tempted to give it a go, as > 700 reviews from verified purchases largely approve this product (you can use it with no beard at all or also with an already grown beard just to enhance the growing).

If you thought you simply couldn't grow a beard due to genetics, this might be worth a try. Don't give up too early though, it seems this magic elixir may need some time (a few weeks, based on the reviews) to take effect.

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF 20

Don't disregard your face, your beard is growing on it.

A basic but very solid moisturizer with sun protection functionality for your everyday usage. But in the first place, this product will excellently hydrate your skin without feeling oily. Also it is told to help with acne.

It almost instantly sucks up into your skin and leaves you with a slight and pleasant scent and a fresh feeling on your whole face. Even if your beard is the most prominent and impressive thing on your face, you want to make sure the rest of it looks and feels good as well.

Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush for Men

Firm Bristle Small Beard Brush - Made in Germany.

It helps you cleaning your beard and apply the balm or oil on it. The hard bristles feel awesome moving through your beard. You can literally feel the brush doing work and I promise you you will love that feeling.

It's also really cheap considering this is made in Germany (which I personally believe is apparent at the high quality).

JWooden Beard Comb & Case - Fine & Coarse Teeth from Striking Viking

Anti-Static and Hypoallergenic Wood Pocket Comb For Beards & Mustaches

There is nothing that touches my beart as often as this comb. The product itself has a really nice smell and provides you with two different teeth sizes.

While sliding through your beard like butter it really helps you to keep your beard in form. Take it with you in your wallet or inside pocket and use it when bored. People will be respectfully staring at you everywhere!

Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200

A vacuum trimmer with 20 built-in length settings

I got the predecessor and it's awesome. Really curious about how useful the vacuum function is though.

However, your beard will most likely grow at different speed in different face areas. This is the perfect tool to trim your beard back to everywhere-even. And after you are done, it's even more satisfying than your beautiful and gigantic garden after you have mowed the lawn.